Portable Solar Lighting System GD-8017-A, Includes delivery

Price: R1,199.00


  • Built-in 6V4AH rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery
  • AC 200-240V. 50/60Hz  ( +/-  13 hours charging time)
  • 9V 3.7W Solar Panel ( max input less than 7W)
  • 2x3W + 1x2W LED Light Bulbs
  • Charges up to  4 LED Light Bulbs at once
  • Multiple USB mobile phone charger, built in CCCV system to charge any mobile device
  • DC 6V Output (can charge up to 4 items at a time)


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This is a portable solar lighting system, which can be used for emergencies or  just in the outdoors.

It can provide power for all kinds of low voltage electrical appliances, such as Automobile electric appliances, DC LED's, Mobile phone’s and  digital products to name a few.

With complete functions, simple operation, no need complex installation.

Product Dimensions:

  • Solar Panel : 25.5cm * 14cm * 1cm
  • Battery : 17cm * 10.5cm * 6cm